Sunday, February 10, 2008

Well since everyone else in the family has a blog, I might as well get one to. Well this week wont be as crazy as last week! I had to work almost every single day and also had a psychology test that i got an A on just to let you know Meghann and Maureen. Yeah..i was super excited so i had to celebrate hard core on Friday. I closed Tan World for the first time on Saturday with no problems, except for some lady calling in and saying that she left her wedding ring in their and than accused me of stealing it. Yeah, let's just say I was freaking out because it wasn't their and this lady was a bitch. This coming weekend will be exciting because it's Amanda's birthday and Brittany is coming down and staying with me, so I assume that this will be one crazy weekend. Hopefully i get to come home next weekend and see everyone and get my hair cut! Thats all for now hopefully everyone has a great week!


Katie said...

Oh to be in college again! Hope college is treating you well! Looks like you are living it to the fullest! Be Careful!!!

Take Care and will look for more posts soon!


MoCos said...

Nice to see you and your friends all went shopping at Forever "Slut" 21.. ah man.. so yeah... I am class..I should pay attention...peace